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What to Expect on Arrival

First, our front desk staff and a member of our medical team will meet you and your pet. One of our technicians will perform a triage assessment to determine if your pet is stable enough to wait while you fill out the necessary paperwork (Emergency Intake Form).

Next, we will determine if your pet is stable enough to wait, then you will be escorted to an exam room.

  • In the event that your pet has an emergency that requires immediate care, we will ask you to sign an emergency consent medical waiver and your pet will be taken immediately to our treatment area to be examined and stabilized by a veterinarian
  • Once a doctor has evaluated your pet, a Care Plan will be devised and an estimate of the costs involved will be discussed with you; any questions you may have will be answered before any procedures are performed
  • A deposit of 75% of the high end of the estimate is required if your pet is going to be admitted to the hospital

Why Choose Us?

  • We Provide High Quality Medical Care
  • We Are a Passionate & Driven Team
  • We Are Available 24/7
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Our highly-trained emergency veterinarians and technicians have passion for providing high-quality, compassionate care.

Read Our Pawsitively Raving Reviews

  • “My family appreciates the level of care our pet received while he was there.”

    - Scott H.
  • “She's amazing! So nice every single time she answers the phone, she always pleasant and takes as much time as you need to answers questions.”

    - Kate H.
  • “They gave us all the time that we needed with a nice blanket wrapped around him.”

    - Tracie K.