Sweet Super Swag!

Some of you may know that we have a gaggle of Frenchies at our hospital - two of which have become fairly well known on social media, what’s known as “instant-fame”.

Meet Gus & Tug
Gus (left) is a 2-year-old black brindle French Bulldog.
Tug (right) is a 1-year-old lilac brindle French Bulldog.


Due to their “instant-fame”, Gus and Tug have become a popular product ambassador for a lot of getting pet product companies. This allows these boys to do lots of adventure while still being fashionable and functional.

And a bonus? Coupon codes for you to do some shopping for your own pups!

Below are the boys modeling some great products:


Sloppy Chops Co.


Just looking for a new leash and collar? Sloppy Chops Co. makes a biomethane collar and leash which is soft, flexible, and waterproof - perfect for rainy days (or impromptu dips in the pond!). It is also resistant to cuts, abrasions, and cracks with no need for maintenance such as oiling or conditioning. They are also fade-resistant, vegan friendly, and have a lifetime warranty.

Use code: GUSANDTUG for 10% off at Sloppy Chops Co.

Dog Dog Dog



If you’re just hoping to brighten things up a bit, Luck of Tuck has tons of bandana options and they donate a portion of their proceeds to rescues and shelters. They’ve also got collars, leashes, and bow ties to spice up your pooch’s life!

Use code: GUSANDTUG for 10% off at LUCK of TUCK

Dog Dog Dog



Getting a little more adventurous? Heading up into the mountains for a day hike? Kurgo makes some great products from booties to protect their paws on rough terrain, to backpacks to carry some additional gear. Alternatively, if your pooch may not be able to make the entire climb, they also make backpacks so you can help them reach the top!

Use code: G&T4KURGO for 20% off at Kurgo

Dog Dogs Dog



Threadzntails is a company based out of Vancouver and their shop can be found on Etsy. Their coats are custom made, which is perfect for those with deep or wide chests, plus you can pick from a variety of fabric choices.

Use code: GUSTUG10 for 10% off at Threadzntails

Dog Dog Dog

Pawsitivity Pet Supply


Pawsitivity Pet Supply is based in Massachusetts and a portion of every sale goes to a Boston animal shelter. They have a variety of collars, harnesses, leashes, bandanas, and some pretty stylish bow ties for a more sophisticated look.

Use code: GUSANDTUG for 15% off at Pawsitivity Pet Supply

Wild Wear Pets

Dogs Dog Dog
Dog Dog Dogs

Wild Wear Pets is a Michigan based company. They create handmade, fashionable and adventure tested bandannas and collars for your pets that help to give back to a worthy cause with each purchase made.

Use code: GUSANDTUG for 10% off at Wild Wear Pets